Aya Care Refresh Gel


Massaging with this gel will gently catch and remove dead skin and debris of sebum and pores that usually cannot be completely washed away by a routine face wash and make your skin more permeable to absorb beauty ingredients. Ingredients for beautiful skin combined with plant extract will permeate into the skin and make it moist and shiny bright. It is even more effective if you use REFRESH LOTION, a sister product, after using this product.

How to use:

1. Wipe away the water after face wash, take an appropriate amount into the palm, and gently extend to cover the entire face, avoiding the areas around the eyes.
2. Gently massage over the entire face using both hands in a circular motion.
3. When the gel solidifies and is scaled off, massage for 20 seconds and rinse well.
4. Afterwards, finish using lotion, cream, etc.

*Use 2 to 3 times a week according to the condition of the skin.