Royal Herb & Malona Detox Wrap


The process of Royal Herb Detox &Malona Detox Wrap shown in the video may look scary at first but this slimming procedure from Thailand is certified safe and natural. The bandage wrap is soaked in 100% high-grade herbs and the whole procedure is highly recommend for its immediate and positive effects:

✔ Detoxifies the body
✔ Reduces stress
✔ Moisturizes and whitens the skin
✔ Achieves youthful glow
✔ Strengthen the immune system
✔ Weight loss

Royal Herb & Malona Detox Wrap is the number 1 procedure in Japan and is a first in the Philippines.

✔ GMP Certified
✔ HACCP Certified
✔ GAP Certified

No rebounds Reshape your body in a natural way.